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Upcoming Events in September

Mon, Sep 22

11:30-1:00 am

Heilbrunn Department of Population and Family Health Fall Seminar Series

Speaker(s): Bruce Armstrong, DSW, LCSW-R & Christine Coscia, Valentina Ramirez, Cullen Conway, Tara Singh, Njideka Montanya

The Heilbrunn Department of Population and Family Health

Tue, Sep 23

11:30-1:30 pm

Developing Dissertation Grant Applications - The F31 And R36
R2 - September Workshop For Doctoral Students

Speaker(s): Dr. Leslie Davidson, Moderator

Office of the Dean
and Research Resources Office and the Doctoral Committee

Tue, Sep 23

11:30-1:00 pm

PFMH Alumni Lunch: Catherine Chen, Humanity United

Speaker(s): Catherine Chen

The Heilbrunn Department of Population and Family Health
and Program on Forced Migration and Health

Wed, Sep 24

11:30-1:00 pm

Dean's Seminar on Chronic Disease
Cuddling and the Epigenome; Early Mothering and Chronic Disease Risk

Speaker(s): Michael Meaney, CM, PhD, CQ, FRSC and Tomás R. Guilarte, PhD


Office of the Dean

Wed, Sep 24

11:30-12:45 pm

DEBATING E-CIGARETTES: Science, Politics, and Policy
SMS Food for Thought: Critical Reflections on the Social Sciences and Public Health Series

Department of Sociomedical Sciences

Thu, Sep 25

1:00-2:30 pm

Genetic moderator of the first molecular response to stress risk and protective factors for the development of stress-related psychiatric disorders
Psych-Neuro Cluster

Speaker(s): Elisabeth Binder

Department of Epidemiology

Fri, Sep 26

1:00-2:00 pm

Hot flashes and breast cancer risk: a silver lining?
Chronic Cluster

Speaker(s): Katherine W. Reeves

Department of Epidemiology

Tue, Sep 30

2:00-3:30 pm

Research Resources' September Information Session "Grant Preparation Boot Camp"

Speaker(s): Dr. Pam Factor-Litvak

Office of the Dean
and Research Resources